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Author Interview:  Sheri Fink

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Sheri Fink is a #1 best-selling, award-winning children’s author, creator of “The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink” children’s brand, and an international speaker. Sheri writes books that inspire and delight children while planting seeds of self-esteem. Her first children’s book, The Little Rose, was a #1 best-seller on Amazon for over 60 weeks, became the #1 top-rated e-book on Amazon, and received a gold medal in the 2012 Readers Favorite International Book Awards. Her subsequent books have all been #1 best-sellers. Her children’s book series recently received the Gold Mom’s Choice Award for excellence in family friendly entertainment. Sheri was recently selected by CBS Los Angeles as one of the top 3 authors in her local area, a distinction she shares with Dean Koontz.

Stephanie: Hello, Sheri. Congrats on winning the BRAG Medallion. Please tell me about your book, The Little Gnome.

Sheri: The Little Gnome is a charming story about a garden gnome experiencing the wonder of the four seasons for the first time. At first he doesn’t understand and resists the changes in his environment. That just makes him grumpy. Once he begins to understand the seasons, he finds something good in every change. The book helps kids ages 5-10 learn to embrace change. Published in March 2012, The Little Gnome debuted at #1 on the Amazon best-seller list.

Stephanie: What inspired you to write this story and to write in the children’s genre?

Sheri: I’m inspired by my experiences and how I feel about them. I love taking something that feels like a negative and helping kids discover a way to see it in a different light, one that can be truly positive and beneficial. My goal is to inspire and delight kids while planting seeds of self-esteem.

The idea for The Little Gnome came about when I was thinking about moving from Virginia to California. I moved to Southern California 12 years ago and the seasons are much milder here. I was wondering what it would be like for a kid who’s only known Southern California to live in Virginia and what that first year might be like. And, there are things that I miss about each season. Those are the things that are highlighted in the story.

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Stephanie: Where can readers buy your book?

Sheri: My books are available on, Barnes & Noble online, the iTunes store, my website (, and in select children’s boutiques and bookstores throughout North America.

Stephanie: Are you currently working on another children’s book?

Sheri: My current work in progress is the next book in The Little Series. It’s called The Little Seahorse and it’s about a bashful seahorse who learns to speak up for himself and ask for help. I’m really excited to explore the underwater world for the first time.

Stephanie: Are there any challenges you face when writing in this genre?

Sheri: I think the biggest challenge is telling the story in a meaningful, engaging way with so few words and pages. It’s like creating and solving a puzzle. I enjoy it!

Stephanie: Will you self-publish again?

Sheri: Yes, I’m very happy to be an independent author and publisher. I hold the rights and get to make the decisions about my books and my brand. I’m not opposed to the traditional publishing path, I just find that independent entrepreneurship is very rewarding. I learn new things every day and enjoy the journey.

Stephanie: Where do you see the self-publishing industry in five to ten years?

Sheri: I’m really not sure. It’s easier today than ever before to independently publish your work and reach your target readership. It’s an exciting time in the industry. My guess is that it will continue to grow as more authors become empowered to pursue their dreams of publishing through non-traditional paths.

Stephanie: How did you discover indieBRAG?

Sheri: I believe I first heard about it on Facebook when another author was celebrating her book winning an indieBRAG award. I love the power of social media.

Stephanie: What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Sheri: My advice is to continue writing and keep dreaming. There are so many opportunities now for writers to get their work out into the world. I’m living proof that independent authors can be successful and make a positive difference for their readers. It’s a great time to be a writer!

Stephanie: What is your favorite quote?

Sheri: “The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.” ~ Confucius

Many thanks!

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