Author Interview with Shannon L. Brown


Shannon L. Brown

Author of the

B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

The Feather Chase

Shannon L. Brown read and read as a kid, particularly every mystery she could find. She didn’t plan to be a writer though. Although she earned a degree in journalism & communications then a second degree in education, she didn’t end up working in either field. Shannon wrote her first book, a clean romance, shortly after earning those degrees in the 1980s. Submitted to a publisher, when it was rejected she changed directions. Fast forward to a day some years later when she was driving and an image of a briefcase filled with feathers popped into her mind. She knew it was the idea for a children’s mystery and “The Feather Chase” was born. Shannon wrote the book while working in unrelated fields. She also began writing magazine articles on the side and gradually moved to doing that full-time. Now an award-winning writer, she has sold more than 600 articles for local, national and regional publications and, until resigning to finish the book, was the contributing editor for a jewelry publication. (This goes to show you, you never know where life may take you.) “The Feather Chase” was published in February of 2014. It’s a fun mystery and the first in the Crime-Solving Cousins Mystery series. Shannon’s now using those earlier courses in communications to write and those in education to speak to children about writing. Originally from Alaska, she currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her professor husband and adorable calico cat Evie. The second book in the series will release in the summer of 2015.

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