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indieBRAG Reaches Important Milestone!

   We are proud to announce that in the first six months since indieBRAG, LLC launched our website 400 self-published books have been considered as candidates for the B.R.A.G.MedallionTM. Of this total, 50 books, or over 12%, have been awarded our medallion indicating that they were judged by our readers to be books they would recommend to their best friend. We are delighted that this acceptance rate is over double what might have been expected based on industry experts who estimate that only 5% of self-published books are well written and properly edited. We believe the reason is that the vast majority of these books were nominated by their authors and there is a degree of self-selection occurring, whereby only those authors who are truly proud of their accomplishment choose to have them judged by our impartial reader group. Accordingly, we are careful to advise those authors whose books were not chosen that this should not be interpreted as disparagement of their work or of them as authors. It is simply a function of the rigor that we apply to our process. Furthermore, we do not make public the titles of books which have been reviewed but were not selected to receive our medallion, or the names of their authors. As I write this nominations are pouring in and we expect to quickly reach the 500 mark and beyond! And the reason for our amazing acceptance among the rapidly expanding world of self-publishing is that we provide enlightenment of the readers, by the readers, and for the readers of self-published books!

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Summer, the ocean —-and Pirates!

In the early 1700's a very headstrong and tough girl from Cork, Ireland (she beat a man for making unwanted advances!) married into the adventurous world of Piracy --- actually she married several pirates! After marrying her "dream" pirate in 1719, she helped steal a sloop and made a life of piracy in the Caribbean. Dressed as a man she proved to be as good as many a man at fighting and stealing. After being caught and tried, she escaped hanging but her fate is unknown. As with many pirates, Anne Bonny's story has become that of legend. Books of interest: Helen Hollick has written 3 books in the Sea Witch Series that will make you feel the very spray from the sea as this story carries you into a world of danger, love and treachery! Following the pirate Jesamiah Acorne and his woman, Tiola, upon the high seas will give you the thrill and romance of the life of a pirate.

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Self-Published Books are our life at indieBRAG!

Literary Snobbery There is no question that self-publishing has created a plethora of poorly written and badly edited books because there are no controls over what is published or by whom. Now anyone can publish anything: good, bad, or downright ugly. And they do. However, the risk of purchasing a "bad" book is not limited to indie books. Have you ever picked up a book published by one of the major publishing houses, read a few pages and then asked yourself, "Really? This is a best seller?" Of course you have, so let's get past the assumption that all traditionally published books are good. They are not! Many a successful author has written a bestseller and then fallen into the trap of pursuing quantity over quality, and relying on their name recognition to sell follow-up books that fall far short of the first one. And the big publishing houses are all too willing to join them in this money grab. That said, in the burgeoning world of self-published books, there are diamonds in the coal bin but few professional reviewers are willing to dig for them; I guess they don't want to get their hands dirty. For example, I had an experience with a book reviewer at a major newspaper. I asked her to read a self-published book that was getting some great reviews by our readers. She was very interested until she asked who published it. "Oh, no," she said, "I can't read that." "Why not?" I asked, "Ralph Waldo Emerson self-published some of his books". "That's different. That was a long time ago" (Really?) "Well did you know that John Grisham also self-published at first?" "This author is no John Grisham!" "How do you know that if you aren't willing to give the author a chance?" "Do NOT send me that book". Click. Literary snobbery lives! Our readers are reading as fast as they can to identify self-published books that deserve to be read. Now I will confess that the majority of the books we review are not chosen to receive a B.R.A.G. MedallionTM. That is because we want our medallion to represent a certain standard of excellence, and thereby assure potential purchasers that the book is worth their time and money. But it is encouraging to note that our readers, many of whom had not read a self-published book before, are excited about how many really good books are out there―our mission is to keep finding them!

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