Thanksgiving and Family Traditions!

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of feasting, a long week holiday with my daughter, shopping, thankfulness, reflection, gratitude and blessings. It’s also a time of remembrance of the Mayflower as it embarked a new world looking for freedom. Most of all, precious time with my family. The Thanksgiving fare tends to be an all-day event with our family, with a turkey and all the trimmings to fill our stomachs. The house is full of wonderful aromas and the anticipation of a good meal. It’s great sitting around the table and while enjoying the delicious feast that lays before us, while appreciating family and all that we have. Afterwards, the men sit all around the tv watching football and sleep with their stomachs full of turkey. Us women love to sit at the dining room table-once its cleared of the dishes-and play a board-game or a card game or two. Laughs fill the air and there is smiles all around. My mother, sister, my daughter and I have started a tradition of afternoon tea at the Ritz-Carlton every year around Thanksgiving time. It’s our precious time to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the finer art of tea and…

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