Sometimes It Is OK To BRAG By Helen Hollick

Indie B.R.A.G. July 2015 (1) Helen Hollick Sea WitchWell, it is if you are an author and you have been awarded a coveted Indie BRAG medallion, which is an approval mark of a darn good read.

I have the honour of being ‘in’ on Indie BRAG from its earliest conception by CEO Geri Clouston, who ran the idea past me in those early days when it was no more than an embryonic idea. Why me? For several years I was UK Editor, and now I am Managing Editor, of the Historical Novel Society Indie Reviews, so naturally I had an interest in sorting the good indie novels from the not-so-good. (Sad to say too many of them are the latter.) The good ones, unfortunately, are still often lumped with the ‘oh it’s indie, it can’t be worth reading’ nonsense that a few people in the literary world persist in trundling out. Indie BRAG (and HNS Indie) is determined to prove these nay-sayers wrong by showing just how fantastic some indie fiction can be.

From little acorns big oak trees grow – and Indie BRAG is fast growing a respected image for shouting out about Good Reads. Maybe word needs spreading a bit more here in the UK, but it will happen. Oak trees take a while to reach full height.

But talking of acorns, there is another connection between me, my novels, and Indie BRAG. Captain Jesamiah Acorne to be precise. My pirate (well ex-pirate) protagonist hero of my Sea Witch Voyages series. They are nautical adventures with a touch of fantasy written for adults with some adult content. I write them for fun, and hope readers enjoy them for the same reason – swashbuckling sailor’s yarn tales that are not meant to be taken seriously but read for pleasure and entertainment.

I occasionally fiddle with history, shifting a few known dates about, putting people in places where they were, in reality, a few months earlier or later. The plot is simple action adventure, with a bit of romance tossed in for good measure. The tag line is ‘Trouble follows Jesamiah Acorne like a ship’s wake.’ Yes, Jesamiah finds himself in lots of scrapes but James Bond- or Indiana Jones-like he manages to get out of trouble each time. The excitement comes with wondering just how he’s going to wriggle out from the threat of a noose this time round. The stories are meant to be read with a touch of suspended belief – as with all good action adventure books. We all know that what is written in the narrative could never happen in real life, but that is the point of engrossing yourself in a good fictional and imaginative adventure. It is not meant to be real, it is meant to be entertaining escapism.

OnTheAccount-2016-promo-WEBAll four Voyages have the prestigious medallion honour, I have just released the fifth Voyage in the series On The Account, and sent it off to Indie BRAG with crossed fingers for it to be well received. Now comes the fingernail biting and the waiting… So here’s wishing Jesamiah Acorne, On The Account – and Indie BRAG – a fair wind and a calm sea…

The Sea Witch Voyages – swashbuckling nautical adventure yarns for adults

Sea Witch : Voyage One

Pirate Code : Voyage Two

Bring It Close : Voyage Three

Ripples In The Sand : Voyage Four

On The Account : Voyage Five




Sea Witch Page


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3 responses to “Sometimes It Is OK To BRAG By Helen Hollick”

  1. Helen Hollick says:

    Thanks for the invite onto the Blog Stephanie – I am immensely proud of my BRAG medallions and wish Indie BRAG every success for many years to come!

  2. Anthony Hargis says:

    Congratulations, Helen.

  3. Geri Clouston says:

    We think of you, Helen, as our Godmother.
    I read your Pendragon series and was hooked. When I began seeing how hard it was to get attention for great and deserving self-published books, I was amazed to find your Sea Witch Pirate stories were indie books- proof we were needed!
    Since those early days you have been an invaluable source and help and have become a dear friend.
    We hope with help from you and other UK authors we will be able to help more authors across the pond-

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