Proper use of the Adjective


The reason why I became a book reviewer was not only because my love for reading but because of my concerns for this age of immediate publication and the quality of the books that are being written and published. I fear that this will lower the reading standards of our future generations. I feel as a reader and a parent that we must filter out these poorly written books and find the gems! They’re out there but we must stumble over many to find them.

One of the concerns I have is I’m seeing more and more stories that contain adjectives in front of almost every single noun. I find that it hurts the integrity of the story and distracts the reader. If the adjective helps the quality of the word, then fine. In my opinion a strong writer knows when to use the “perfect” adjective. Another issue I have with adjectives is the use of what I call, “cliche” adjectives. I find them useless and again it lowers the quality of the noun and story.

I hope that writers take what I say with a grain of salt, really consider my input as a reader and put it to good use.


Stephanie Moore Hopkins

Author of Layered Pages

Co-Founder of Ladies & Literature

Book Reviewer for Historical Novel Society (on-line)

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