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If you are a BRAG Medallion honoree, congrats! Now it’s time to get to work. Share with the world that you have been honored! Not only will promoting that you are a BRAG Medallion Honoree get your book out there, but supporting indieBRAG in everything they do will help as well. Share indieBRAG’s website to other sites. Talk about them on facebook, twitter and share to any writer’s group that you might belong to. You want indieBRAG to work for you and they do as well, but they need your help.

indieBRAG Virtual Book Tours:

We are excited about this new venture and want to encourage our authors to participate. Several times a year we will select authors and will be contacting you regarding this book tour. I encourage you to take full advantage of this. What a great way to promote your work and indieBRAG.

Layered Pages:

I have had the honor of working with indieBRAG on several projects. The first project is interviews, promoting indieBRAG and finding them readers to read your wonderful stories! If you are interested in an interview please contact me at, Also, indieBRAG and I are starting a new project that I think you all will be excited about. indieBRAG Virtual Book Tours! If your interested in this project and would like to participate, you may contact indieBRAG or Layered Pages for more information. This is another great way to promote your book!

If you would like to see how the interviews are conducted, please visit


BRAG Authors, it is so important to utilize Goodreads.

1. Make sure your profile is compete. Don’t be afraid to brag about yourself on there. Add a link to your website, blog, and the BRAG Medallion site on there as well.

2. Everytime you post on your website, create an event for it on Goodreads. It’s so easy to do and very effective.

3. Encourage people to write reviews of you work and to post it on Goodreads.

4. Be active on Goodreads as a reader. Members like to see authors who are big readers like them and they are more likely to add your book “to read” if you are active.

5. Hold giveaways on Goodreads about three months before you publish your book. Then hold another one on the publish date and repeat every three months.

6. Hold discussions on your profile. It’s a great tool!


Facebook is another great tool for promoting/networking and to meet other authors and readers. Every time you add a new post to your website, link it to Facebook. Also, you can create groups and pages on there about your work. Share other authors work as well, get involved. Sharing written reviews about your book on this site is wonderful! And most importantly its okay to do a little shameless bragging about your work!


Tweet about your work and others. Re-tweet other authors work as well and reviews, and blogs you like. This is another great tool.


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2 responses to “Promoting Wisdom from Stephanie!”

  1. Malcolm Noble says:

    I guess we could all suggest media in addition to those you’ve mentioned, but I do think LinkedIn can be especially useful (and to a lesser extent Librarhing). I’ve also noticed the benfits of sequencing activity across the sites, so that, for example, a YouTube post promotes a upcoming Facebook event, which is reported in a subsequent Blog “special”. (However, nothing lives like real life living events.)Thanks, Stephanie, for keeping us all thinking.

  2. Karen Aminadra says:

    Thank you for this info Stephanie! I certainly am interested in the book tour 🙂
    Keep me in mind, and let me know. – Karen Aminadra

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