My Writing Space by Malcolm Noble



Here it is,  My writing space.  The desk in the corner of our tiny bookshop tucked away in the middle of England.  It’s cramped, usually more cluttered than this and very vulnerable to interruptions.  But, hey, it’s nice when readers pop in and catch me at work on my latest tale of crime and confusion.
While I do put pen paper in the shop, the creative stuff has to happen outside for me,  (Rainy days are no good)  I compose most of the book in the little courtyard outside.  I like to learn about 650 words so that I can recite them cleanly,  Then, I’m indoors scribbling it down, in longhand, before I forget it.
For more details about how I work, you may want to sneak at look at this video:
B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 

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