Author Interview with Charlene Newcomb


Charlene Newcomb

Author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

Men of the Cross

Charlene was born and raised in South Carolina, but left home at 18 to “join the Navy and see the world.” That “world” ended up being duty stations in Florida, California, Texas, and Maryland. Her job as a communications technician led to a post-Navy career in academic libraries, where she worked since the early 1980s. Somewhere in there, Charlene had 3 children – now all grown and independent – completed a B.A. in U.S. History and a Masters in Library and Information Science, and moved to Kansas. She started writing in 1993 and published a series of short stories in the Star Wars universe. Due to life’s curve balls, she didn’t publish her first novel, Keeping the Family Peace, until 2012. Her love of history has taken her happily to the 12th century. Men of the Cross, published in April 2014, is book I of her Battle Scars series. Book II, For King and Country, will be published later this year.

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