Lizzy’s Summer Recipe: Rice Risi-Pisi

I first came across this delicious summer dish on a camping holiday with our local church group, as a teenager, which took us to the former Yugoslavia. I have made it ever since.

Risi Pisi 1

Recipe for 3-4 persons

½ Large Cucumber – Peeled and sliced

½ Large Onion                     – Sliced

½ Large Red Pepper           – Sliced

½ Large Green Pepper       – Sliced

4 Tomatoes                          – Sliced

200g of brown Rice

2 cans of Tuna Chunks 160g net weight

3 Serving Spoons of Olive Oil

2 Serving Spoon of Vinegar

½ a teaspoon of grainy mustard

Pinch of sugar



Mixed herbs

Squeeze of a lemon

Risi Pisi 2



a) Mix the Oil, Vinegar, Mustard, Salt, Pepper, Sugar,

b) Add the prepared Salad ingredients

c) Lift and mix carefully

d) Drain the opened tins of Tuna

e) Add the tuna

f) Rinse the tuna tins with a tiny bit of water and pour over the tuna now in the dish.

This will dilute the Oil/Vinegar mix and add extra moisture.

g) Lift and mix carefully

Squeeze the Lemon liberally over the mixture.

Cover the salad with Clingfilm and store in a cool place.

Risi Pisi finished salad


Boil the rice in the usual manner.

Place in a colander for draining

Rinse away starch with boiling water.

Serve the Rice on a plate

Lift and mix the Salad one last time and add to the plate above the Rice.

You can have this dish with hot or cold Rice. It is delicious both ways. However, in the Mediterranean, the Rice is served hot.

Risi Pisi 3

Voila! Bon Appetite!

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    Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.

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