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Traveling the country to make appearances and doing book signings is just not economically feasible for most of us today. On top of the cost, most self-published authors aren’t able to get into many books stores.

A blog tour enables an author to reach out to their fans through a different blogger for a certain number of days. These varied and different bloggers speak with the author and review their books; in some cases they offer book giveaways – all from the comfort of your home and computer!

Today we begin our very first indieBRAG Blog Tour. Bloggers will be visiting with Paula Lofting to discuss her book Sons of the Wolf. Each day a different blogger will share their discussion with Paula and their thoughts on her wonderful book (a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree!).

Without getting out of your PJ’s or kicking off your bunny slippers, you can visit with Paula and become a fan, leave your thoughts on the discussion and order a book! How easy and how much fun is that?

An author gets the opportunity to meet their fans and gather their thoughts, reaching many more readers than they could by spending thousands of dollars traveling around the country with a trunk full of books!

So follow Paula for the next 9 days on this blog tour and be sure to leave comments. Both Paula and indieBRAG would love to know what you think-

indieBRAG Blog Tour Scheduale

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  1. Geri says:

    For all of you who have expressed interest in indieBRAG’s blog tours-
    This was our first “pilot” tour and we will be providing more information very soon!

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