indieBRAG Interview with Victor Ramon Mojica-Graphic Designer

Victor self picIndiebrag would like to welcome, Victor Ramon Mojica today to talk about his Graphic Design company.

Victor, what is your Graphic Design Company called?

-eugenus STUDIOS LLC

How did you get in Graphic Design?

-I completed 2 years of college and 6 months later was picked up by an agent and began illustrating children’s books full time, but I have always worked on designs as far back as I can remember: comic book characters, costumes, splash pages (cover pages) and logos.

Will you please share the first book cover you designed?

Mount rushmore little miss history BRAG

-sure, it was for my comic book series eugenus, The Next Step In Human Evolution! It was tough ’cause up until then my art style was surealistc, and eugenus had to be illustrated as a grapgic novel. I had to adopt a more realistic stlye to better tell my stories in pictures as well as with words. My first cover in the Little Miss HISTORY® series was for Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORE.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?

-mostly from within, from all that I have seen, heard and felt. Mostly what I have taken from others is their techniques in expressing their art. I have found using mix media to be my preferred approach.

How do you keep your work area organized?

-as neatly as I can. I also try to keep references and art materials as close as possible to my desk.

What are your goals as a graphic designer?

-to produce better art, that is art that will inspire and bring joy to the viewer.

Is there a particular designer that has been influential in your work?

-my college teacher, Ken Longtempts. He is a great artist. He opened my eyes and mind to the art world. Most importantly, he did so in a fun way. My failures in life resulted in not following all his advice.

What lessons have you learned along away honing in on your craft?

-nothing improves your art better than hard work, drawing every day.

What book cover have you designed that stands out to you the most?

Victors cover euCOLOR1

-the first (eugenus®, Issue #1), I worked so hard on it.

What covers have you designed that are B.R.A.G. Medallion Honorees?

-all the books in the Little Miss HISTORY® series (6 books), and Captain CROSSBONES® in The Treasure HuntCrossbones BRAG


What are the tips, tricks and tools that help keep your designing career moving?

-being original. My work is more about my inner self, what I like, than influences of other artists and their work.

Where can authors find you? I look forward to meeting you all!

Thank you!!




VICTOR RAMON MOJICA was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, but has lived in the Hudson Valley region since 1986 and now resides in Craryville, New York with his wife Barbara. He is an illustrator, cartoonist, writer and publisher with such works to his credit as the critically acclaimed, comic book series eugenus® … The Next Step In Human Evolution!, which he created, wrote and illustrated. Victor has also written and illustrated his first children’s book titled Captain CROSSBONES® in The Treasure Hunt, based on the comic strip featured in The Columbia INSIDER, Pat Fisher and Ed Pollack, publishers. Besides writing and illustrating his own books, Victor illustrates all the books in the Little Miss HISTORY® series, by his wife and author Barbara Ann Mojica. Victor is also the illustrator for the John Paul Padilla books on bulling and teasing titled Johnny BIG-EARSTM.

Since 2012, eugenus STUDIOS LLC has published 11 books, seven of them earning the Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion. This year Victor will complete his sceenplay based on the eugenus® comic book series, and will be entered into a competition in hopes of it becoming a motion picture.


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  1. Barbara Ann Mojica says:

    Thanks for spreading the word about eugenusSTUDIOS and spotlighting Victor’s artistic career.

  2. Geri Clouston says:

    Covers are the first chance for an author to attract readers. It should give the reader an idea of the story and grab their attention- Victors do just that!

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