Girl with the Crooked Smile-Darah Zeledon

Author Interview with Darah Zeledon


Darah’s interview with Layered Pages

Darah Zeledon is the devoted mom of five and wife of one. When she’s not mothering or “wife‐ing,” she’s a suicide prevention activist, author, inspiring speaker, life coach, and trained group facilitator. Darah’s completely fluent in Spanish, holds a B.S. in Psychology, M.A. in International Relations, and is a Certified Life & Success Coach (CLC, CPSC). She joined The Miami Herald’s MomsMiami as a featured blogger in 2010, began writing for the print publication, The Parent Notebook in 2011 as their family editor and founder of the witty and provocative”This Parenting Gig” column, and worked as an editor and features columnist with the South Florida monthly newspaper, the Happy Herald.

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