Fog often shrouds the blue hour of evening –


       The Blue Hour  

       Patti Davis

Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. Not because of the costumes but because the dark swirling realm of ghosts and unsettled spirits is talked about, described, and believed in. As a child, I loved ghost stories. As an adult and an author, I have chosen to write about ghosts – in two short stories and in my novel The Blue Hour.

The Blue Hour takes place in the fictional California town of Clearoak. Joshua Baron, who just turned nine, and his family, re-locate to the town and soon realize that the house they have moved into is not entirely vacant.

Joshua is a boy who believes in ghosts, and the ghost that is haunting Clearoak knows this. In a town that hides its history, where people remember more than they are willing to say, the ghost is as unpopular in death as the boy was in life. Joshua is his one hope.

In Clearoak, fog often shrouds the blue hour of evening – Joshua’s favorite time of day. The coyotes up on Oak Hill howl when the moon is full, rest on the gravesites of the town’s founders. They know when ghosts slip down the mountainside into the streets below. Joshua knows too, but no one will believe him.



The Blue Hour

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