My Classy Women by J.F. Ridgley

Judys woman picI never thought about my first published book like this, but in a way, it is my own vow of revenge… against all the rejections I got over the years. Yes. I can honestly tell you, these little letters/emails from editors and agents are like the water-drip torture. It tears at your soul.

Now not all rejections were harsh or rude. Many were very pleasant as tofu is mild. But some were just plain impolite. They ask for a submission but explain that if you don’t hear from us, consider it rejected. You don’t know if they even got your query.  Now, I don’t know if editors or agents still do this still. But I feel this should be outlawed.

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So I came to a breaking point and considered quitting writing. Just give up this brain fart. Who was I to think I could write anyway? Weeding gardens is easier. Cleaning bathroom etc. Well I didn’t want to.


Judys signTo thwart that, I attended an RWA conference with full intentions getting recharged, finding out what I was doing wrong, and figuring out now NOT TO QUIT. As RWA conferences are, they had lots for me. Lots, And other writers who ‘had been’ where I was.

Shortly after coming home, I discovered Aelia’s and Lucianus’s story. After nosing through ancient ‘stuff,’ I came upon a law that said a husband could execute his wife if she disobeyed him but couldn’t sell her into slavery.  To me that was an oxymoron. Plus, what man would ever do either of those? Ick.

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Bingo!!! And Aelia and Lucianus’s story came to life amid this wonderful realm of pirates, godfathers, and forbidden love all set in the ancient Pompeii and Amalfi Coast of Italy. Where patricians rule and plebeians grovel…well not Lucianus. He doesn’t grovel any more than Michael Corleone ever would that’s for sure.   So I fell in love again.

I will admit, it wasn’t easy to believe in myself or my story. But I had fallen in love again. And had to write their story if only out of revenge against failure. . So I went for it. And along with making a million mistakes along the way, I found a wonderful cover artist-Avalon Graphics; two awesome editors- Cindy Vallar and Michelle Kelly; wonderful formatter-Lucinda Campbell. Together we did it.

Judys vow and revenge book

Now, Vows of Revenge is available everywhere books are sold. And I’m proud to say, it has won Indie Brag’s medallion for excellence. And I hope to one day write Vows of Loyalty.  Problem is, I have way too many stories demanding to be told.  Because I vowed to not quit, I am still writing and loving every moment writing.

Just keep in mind, there are always challenges in this world.  I just hope my journey inspires you and others to Vow Revenge against quitting your dream. Don’t.

Follow your heart and believe in yourself. It’s one wild ride. Trust me. Judys you can do it pic

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  1. Cathy Helms says:

    I am glad that you never gave up! Vows of Revenge is a powerful story that I very much enjoyed reading – and of course designing your cover!! Keep going, Judy.

  2. Anne M. Beggs says:

    good for you – sharing this post =)

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