Childhood Memories and Rainy Days

By J F Ridgley-B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree 

Funny how certain days linger in your memory forever.  Stephanie suggested a topic for the indiebrag blog…“Try to recreate a day of reading from your childhood or teen years and write about it,” she asked. And a cherished memory sprang to life the instant I read her prompt.

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It began on a cloudy, rainy days, all gray, drippy, and cold. My family and I lived on a busy, city street where, on this day, cars, trucks and buses hurried by, spraying large puddles of water onto the sidewalks.  Our house was a simple one, barely more than a two bedroom ranch with a front porch, which is where this memory  began. On that porch swing.

As a young girl no more than ten, I loved that swing on any day. It swung my dolls to sleep, thrilled me and my friends when we banged it against the house as we laughed together on a hot summer day. But this was spring and raining, not storming. Just a steady downpour flowed from the thick gray clouds, watering  spring flowers, turning winter yards to a lush green, and kept everyone inside. Everyone except me.

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Wet, damp breezes waifed through the porch as I dragged out at least a million blankets to pile on the wooden swing to challenge the dampness chill to read my favorite book. I clearly remember snuggling deep inside the blankets for  the warmth, swaying in the chilling breezes, listening to the extra chain chink against the supporting chains as I escaped again

The Black Stallion Returns

with Alex and the Black Stallion. We galloped across some warm sandy beach, feeling the tropical sun on our faces, arms wide, feeling free. It was glorious. I don’t think I finished it because I remember waking up from a deep sleep where this fantasy had carried me on this chilling day. Thank you Walter Farley for such a glorious ride that I never forgot and I still smile with the memory.




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2 responses to “Childhood Memories and Rainy Days”

  1. Stephanie Hopkins says:

    The Black Stallion stories is my sisters and my favorite childhood books. Love childhood memories!

  2. Judy Ridgley says:

    I still want to read it all again, but dare not. I’ll want to get a horse and escape again. sigh

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