A Field of Poppies – Sharon Sala

Author Interview: Sharon Sala

I would like to introduce Author Sharon Sala, the winner of the B.R.A.G Medallion, for her book, “A Field of Poppies”.

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When and where do you like to read?

I read when I get a chance and anywhere there’s a book and a place to sit down. I care for my 92 year old mother full time in my home. She has dementia and no short-term memory left so it’s quite a challenge. And I’m still writing full time, so me time is rare.

What was the last truly great book you have read?

I’ll tell you the book that has stayed with me the longest, although it’s not the last book I’ve read. It was called THE LAST CHILD, by John Hart and when I had finished it, I went back and bought and read everything he’s written to date. It was THAT compelling.

Do you prefer a book that makes you laugh or makes you cry? One that teaches you something or one that distracts you?

I don’t like self-help anything and I don’t want to read someone else’s opinion of how life should be lived, sooo having said that, any good book is a distraction and I love it when the writer can make me cry on one page and laugh my head off on another.

What are you currently reading?

Unfortunately, the only work I’ve been reading for the past few months is my own. Of course I read newspapers and the occasional magazine, but no time for that, seriously no time.

What do you plan to read next?

I’m waiting for the next Robert Crais book to show up on Kindle. I’m a huge fan.

Sharon, could you please tell us a little about your book, “A Field of Poppies.”

Field of Poppies is out of my usual genre of romantic suspense. It’s straight women’s fiction and a story about a young woman’s journey through unbelievable sadness . Finding out that nothing you knew about yourself is real, and the only people with the answers have just died on the same day… devastating. So it’s her journey through sorrow, betrayal, and ultimately a growth and acceptance within herself that she would never have believed possible. Yes, there’s some mystery. Yes there’s a bit of romance, but it’s basically a book about life.

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