Riptide – Michael Prescott

Author Interview: Michael Prescott

I would like to introduce Michael Prescott, the winner of the B.R.A.G Medallion

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Michael, please tell us about your book, Riptide.

I came up with the idea for Riptide pretty much by accident, when I was writing an e-mail to another author. I was spitballing far-fetched story ideas, and one of them concerned a woman who finds the diary of Jack the Ripper hidden in her cellar and realizes there may be a family connection. After typing a few words about that, I sat back and thought, “Actually, that’s not bad.” I strengthened it by adding the idea that the woman’s emotionally troubled brother may be re-creating the Ripper’s crimes in the present day. I set the story in Venice, California, which of course posed the challenge of trying to explain how a killer from London’s East End could wind up on the West Coast of America. The story was a little different from some of the others I’ve done–a little more high concept. I thought it worked out well, but when I tried to sell it to traditional publishers, I hit a wall. Although I had published twenty previous novels, by the time my agent submitted Riptide the publishing industry was in disarray, and it was very difficult to sell a work of fiction unless people thought it was the next Da Vinci Code. Eventually I decided to self-publish the book, not expecting it to sell many copies, but mainly just wanting to get it into print. As things worked out, the e-book edition sold extremely well, as have the digital editions of my other titles. At this point, surprisingly enough, I’ve become one of the bestselling e-book writers in the United States, with about 1.1 million ebooks sold so far, and I’ve even hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. It’s a whole new world.

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