The Triangle Murders – Lynne Kennedy

Author Interview: Lynne Kennedy

I would like to introduce Author Lynne Kennedy, winner of the BRAG Medallion for the book, “The Triangle Murders”.

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Hello Lynne! Congrats on winning the BRAG Medallion. Please tell me about you book, “The Triangle Murders.”

Lynne: Like all of my books to date, “The Triangle Murders” is a historic mystery woven around events that actually happened. That mystery is solved today by modern technology.

Quick Synopsis: When a young reporter is pushed from a ninth story window in Greenwich Village, NYPD Homicide Lieutenant Frank Mead soon connects the case to a murder that took place at the same site a hundred years earlier, during the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Stephanie: Is this your first mystery novel you have written?

Lynne: I’ve written three. Besides “The Triangle Murders,” “Time Exposure” is a mystery that revolves around Civil War photography- it’s available online and in paperback. Coming within the next few months is “Deadly Provenance,” which is about the Nazi confiscation of art and a missing Van Gogh painting.

Stephanie: What is some of the recourse you used in your research?

Lynne: I’ve written a lot about research in my blogs. Essentially, I actually visit the places where the historic mystery happened and work with experts when possible who are familiar with the events. In some cases I’ve worked with curators at the Smithsonian, in others at the Library of Congress. In terms of the modern forensics, I work with the Crime Lab here in San Diego to help me through the actual procedures such as blood spatter, DNA, ballistics, etc.

Stephanie: Lynne, that is really fascinating! What a wonderful experience to be able to do that. I saw on goodreads that you have a Master’s Degree in Science. Do you feel this has helped you in writing your book?

Lynne: My degree enabled me to get a position in the museum world. I was the Deputy Executive Director at a Science Center for many years. That is where I picked up most of the latest forensic, science and technology information that I write about.

Stephanie: What was your inspiration for your story?

Lynne: I’m originally from New York City and when visiting some years ago, I happened to notice the plaque on a building, now part of NYU, in Greenwich Village. That plaque commemorates the 146 people that died in the Triangle fire. I was immediately hooked!

Stephanie: Is there a character in your book you relate to in any way?

Lynne: Fiona O’Hara Mead, the main character in the back story. She was an Irish immigrant trying to survive in the Lower East Side in the early 1900s. She landed a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, got embroiled in the politics of the terrible working conditions, which eventually got her murdered. She’s a feisty redhead who wanted to make a difference for the working people. I guess I can identify with he