Kiss Her, Kill Her – Lisa Dewar

Author Interview: Lisa Dewar

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Stephanie: I would like to introduce Lisa Dewar, author and winner of the BRAG Medallion. Lisa has worked for over twenty years as a sales and marketing manager in the information technology sector.  She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, Wayne, and their two cats.  When not working or writing, Lisa seeks out animal adventures around the globe.  Lisa, congrats on winning the BRAG Medallion. Please tell me about your book, “Kiss Her, Kill Her.”

Lisa: The novel is about a serial killer who is trying to kill more women than Ted Bundy to impress his Bundy-obsessed mother.  But when a young woman gets in his cab and confesses that she wants to commit suicide, he wants to bring her back from the brink of death to heighten the enjoyment of killing her.

Stephanie:  What inspired you to write this story?

Lisa: After watching too many hours of the news, I kept wondering if serial killers could be molded from birth or if they were simply born that way.  Kiss Her, Kill Her explores that idea.

Stephanie:  Were there any challenges?

Lisa: My biggest challenge is finding time to write.  I have a demanding full time job, a husband and cats, all of which require my attention.  Writing can sometimes be pushed to the back burner.

Stephanie: How long did it take to write your story?

Lisa: My original draft took about 6 months but then the editing process kept me buys for about another year.

Stephanie: Who designed you book cover?

Lisa: I am really fortunate that my step-son is a talented graphic designer.  He seems to always have the perfect images that reflect the book’s content and tone.

Stephanie: What book project are you currently working on?

Lisa: I recently published my second novel, Uncommon Collectables, which is a story about a serial killer who is preying on women from the Strip.  Initial reviews have been very positive.

Stephanie: Will you submit it to BRAG?

Lisa: I have submitted it to BRAG and hope to hear back with some positive news in the next few weeks.

Stephanie: How did you discover IndieBRAG?

Lisa: I subscribe to Writer’s Digest magazine and heard about IndieBRAG from one of their blogs.  I loved the idea and submitted my novel right away.  I’m really happy that I did.

Stephanie: What was your writing process like when writing this story?

Lisa: I’m not one of those writers that likes to outline first.  I jump around from beginning, to end, to middle as ideas pop in my head.  It just makes editing all that much more difficult but it’s the only way I can get the novel on paper.

Stephanie: When did you know you wanted to be a writer and when did you start?

Lisa: I recently was looking at a School Days book that my Mom made for me when I was in grade school.  We documented my career aspirations on the first day of each school year. Believe it or not, right from second grade I started saying that I wanted to be an author.  I didn’t get serious about the craft until my mid-thirties.

Stephanie: What is your favorite literary genre?

Lisa: I love thrillers and suspense novels but have also found hidden gems in every genre.

Stephanie: What is the last truly great book you have read? Why did you like it?

Lisa: That’s a tough question…. I travel quite a bit for business and can sometimes read four or five novels a week.  I think the one that sticks out as really great in recent memory is Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.  Not only is Andrew a fellow Canadian but his rich descriptions and twisted plot line, kept me turning the pages and took me to places that I didn’t know I wanted to visit.

Stephanie:  What is your favorite quote?

Lisa: My favorite quote is from my husband (though I am I sure that he got it from someone else)… If you never try, you are guaranteed to fail.  I try to live my life by those words, and they haven’t let me down so far!

Thank you, Lisa!

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