A Cold Snow in Castaway County – John Hickman

Author Interview: John Hickman

I would like to introduce John Hickman, the winner of the B.R.A.G Medallion

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John, please tell us about your book, A Cold Snow in Castaway County.

A former police officer and investigator from the Boston PD, Dell Hinton leaves the city after a controversial shooting. He moves to a small community in Maine where an old school friend lives. After building his home along the shore of a lake, Dell is convinced to run for the job of Sheriff in Castaway County. After winning the election, he meets with the prior Sheriff and learns of a cold case that has been haunting that man for ten years. The story line then centers on how Dell must learn the new duties of being a Sheriff and work to solve the cold case.

Considering your experience in law enforcement, I’m sure it helped you a great deal in writing your story. Did you have to do any additional research for your book other than what you already know?

Well, I was able to incorporate some stories from my career, as well as some of my training throughout the years. But I did have to research some law enforcement procedures with officers in Maine. While many might not realize it, there are often many differences in how the law enforcement function is handled from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as well as from State to State. In Virginia, my county had a full- service Sheriff’s Office, while the next county East has a Sheriff’s Office and a County Police Department who split up the duties a full-service office performs. SO in just two, side by side counties, the duties are widely different. For that reason, I had to research some of the law enforcement techniques in Maine to make my fictitious Sheriff’s Office plausible.

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