In Search of the Fuller Brush Man – Douglas Carlyle

Author Interview: Douglas Carlyle

I would like to introduce Douglas Carlyle, the winner of the B.R.A.G. Medallion.

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Douglas please tell us about your book, In Search of the Fuller Brush Man.

The novel is highly biographical, yet “fictionalized.” It has very little to do with the Fuller Brush Man per se. My mother died of cancer in 1987. She kept a journal while she was dying. Her last written words were “Fuller Brush Man”.

The plot centers around Sean Marcum who searches for the meaning of his mother’s last words. She used to teach him all of life’s lessons via riddles, and he is certain this is her swan song she intended for him to decipher. There is a problem. Sean is lousy at riddles and puzzles. His search turns into an obsession that leads him year after year from one dead end to the next.

Add to this Sean’s mid-life crisis, then the death of his first true love, Kim, and Sean is in real trouble. But wait! Kim and Sean remained close all their adult lives, and it turns out she never let go of him. In fact, she penned a novel about their failed relationship. She was extremely close to Sean’s mother, she is a master at riddles, and she knows what Sean’s mother meant by her last words. The answer is contained within her novel.

Is there a message in this story you want readers to grasp?

There is nothing more important than a long-term relationship with a person you love.

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