The Grave Blogger – Donna Fontenot

Author Interview: Donna Fontenot

I would like to introduce Author Donna Fontenot, the winner of the BRAG Medallion for her book, “The Grave Blogger.”

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Donna it is a pleasure to be interviewing you. Congrats on winning the BRAG Medallion. Please tell me about your book, The Grave Blogger.

The pleasure is truly mine! Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak with you and your readers. Winning the BRAG Medallion was a thrill that I’ll never forget.

The Grave Blogger story centers around Raya, a freelance writer and blogger who researches cold cases for true crime websites. During her research, she stumbles upon a 20-year-old case dubbed the “Bayou Family Slaughter” case. The newspaper account of this horrific crime immediately causes a psychological reaction in Raya, with disturbing sights and sounds reverberating through her mind. Though they feel very real, Raya is unsure if these are memories or hallucinations. Determined to uncover the truth, she heads to the scene of the original crime – the small South Louisiana town of St. Felicity – to investigate the Bayou Family Slaughter case.

When she arrives, Raya gets help from Nick Simoneaux, a young St. Felicity detective who has reopened the old case, but is Nick hiding family secrets from Raya? Raya is uncertain if there is anyone in St. Felicity she can trust. Is the murderer still living in St. Felicity or nearby in the mysterious but scenic bayous?

As Raya reveals St. Felicity’s secrets, she unravels the mysteries of her own past, and discovers that hidden secrets often lead to danger – to herself and to those she loves.

The premise for your story is intriguing. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I’ve been a blogger for about ten years now, so I thought it would be fun to make blogging the occupation of the main character. Once I determined that, I asked myself, “What does this character blog about?” The idea of blogging about unsolved cold cases came to mind, and I decided then that I would enjoy reading such a blog, so it just seemed like the perfect start to developing an interesting character who finds herself embroiled within one of the cold cases she is researching.

Is there a particular reason why you chose South Louisiana for the setting of your story?

The easy answer would be to say that I was born and raised in South Louisiana, so it’s less challenging to write about familiar territory. However, while that’s true, it’s not the entire reason. South Louisiana, with its many bayous and its haunting past, provides a natural setting for a mystery / suspense novel. In addition, the Cajun population naturally contains its share of “quirky” characters, and I wanted to infuse the tense drama with some lighter, sometimes funny, moments. Finally, I believe readers enjoy learning about new places and cultures, without having to think too hard or being made to feel as though they are being educated. South Louisiana provides plenty of rich experience through landscape, history, and culture that keeps readers engaged and interested.

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