The Mill River Recluse – Darcie Chan

Author Interview: Darcie Chan

I would like to introduce Author Darcie Chan the winner of the B.R.A.G Medallion.

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Darcie, please tell us about your book, The Mill River Recluse.

The Mill River Recluse is the story of Mary McAllister, a woman who has suffered from severe social anxiety disorder her entire life. As a result of certain events that occur in her youth, Mary’s condition worsens until she becomes a virtual prisoner in her marble mansion that overlooks the tiny town of Mill River, Vermont. The townspeople are completely unaware that she keeps a secret, one which will change all of their lives.

Were there any challenges you faced writing this story?

I wrote The Mill River Recluse in the evenings, after work, and it took more than two years to finish. The hardest thing for me, other than the fact that it was my first novel and I was learning a lot writing-wise through trial and error, was just finding the time to write at all. My day job at the time was very demanding and often required substantial overtime.

What is the most surprising thing you learned while creating your book and the mystery of the story?

I guess the most surprising thing I learned is that sometimes, a character “decides” to do something that you do not expect. A prime example of this is that when I started writing The Mill River Recluse, I had not planned for Mary McAllister to take her own life. I was writing late one night and that scene just flew onto the page, and I thought, “Oh, no,” and “Of course!” at the same time.

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