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Author Interview: Bill Harper

I would like to introduce author Bill Harper, the winner of the B.R.A.G Medallion

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Bill please tell us about your book, Second Thoughts.

Thanks to you, STEPHANIE..and your IndiBrag website and to Geri Clouston of B.R.A.G. Medallion for giving me this opportunity to do just that.

The full title of the book – Second Thoughts: Presidential Regrets with their Supreme Court Nominations gives a pretty good idea of what’s between the covers. And, just like all the rest of us, Presidents of the United States do make mistakes and sometimes, just like all the rest of us, they too come to regret some of their actions.

The difference is, when you and I make a mistake, its effects are fairly marginal. But when the President makes a mistake, it can be monumental. For instance, what do you do when you’re Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of the United States, and you appoint and fight for and get a specific Supreme Court nomination? Then, you wake up a few months later to screaming newspaper headlines that your vaunted nominee – to the highest court in the land – has been discovered to be — a lifetime member of the Ku Klux Klan!

Or, suppose you’re Ulysses S. Grant – Civil War hero and two-term American President. One of your Supreme Court nominees has just committed one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in the history of jurisprudence. One of Grant’s nominees was sitting as judge in a New York State trial – which Supreme Court judges used to do back then when they had to “ride the circuit.”

After hearing all the evidence from the prosecution and an impassioned defense in Susan B. Anthony’s so-called “illegal voting” trial, your candidate dismisses the jury entirely, reaches into his robes, and pulls out a previously written of verdict of “Guilty!” Your man is Judge, Jury, and Executioner – in a highly publicized and volatile trial!

These are the kinds of stories we write about in Second Thoughts: Presidential Regrets with their Supreme Court Nominations. And they’re all true.

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