Author interview with Lorraine Devon Wilke


Lorraine Devon Wilker

Author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree

After The Sucker Punch


Author, photographer, singer/songwriter, Lorraine Devon Wilke, started early as a creative hyphenate. First, there was music and theater, next came rock & roll, then a leap into film when a feature she co-wrote (To Cross the Rubicon) was produced by a Seattle film company, opening doors in a variety of creative directions.

In the years following, she wrote for and performed on theater stages, developed her photography skills, and accrued a library of well-received feature screenplays (The Theory of Almost Everything was a top finalist in the 2012 Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Contest; A Minor Rebellion a Quarter Finalist in that same event in 2014). She kept her hand in music throughout – songwriting, recording, performing – leading to the fruition of a longtime goal to record an original album (Somewhere On the Way). Accomplished in collaboration with songwriting/producing partner, Rick M. Hirsch, the album garnered stellar reviews and can be found at CDBaby and iTunes (one tune from the collection is even featured in the epilogue of AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH). She continues with music whenever she can (which, she maintains, is never, ever, enough!).

Devon Wilke’s current life is split between Playa del Rey and Ferndale, California, and is shared with her husband, Pete Wilke, an entertainment and securities attorney, her son, engineer and web designer, Dillon Wilke, and stepdaughter, educational administrator Jennie Wilke Willens and family. She curates and manages both her fine art photography site and personal blog (Rock+Paper+Music), is a regular contributor at The Huffington Post and writes a column for the award-winning newspaper, The Ferndale Enterprise.

Her acclaimed debut novel and B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree, AFTER THE SUCKER PUNCH, as well as her dramatic short story, “She Tumbled Down,” can both be accessed at her author page @ Amazon; her second novel, Hysterical Love, is readying for an April 2015 launch. She invites you to enjoy her essays and journalistic pieces @ Contently, and follow her “Adventures in Independent Publishing” at her blog,, and visit her website, Lorraine Devon wilke for links, updates and information.

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