A great shout out of thanks to all of our fans and friends!

As we approach our first anniversary, the B.R.A.G.Medallion has become recognized as a symbol of great reading. Our reading team now numbers more than 100, representing 10 countries around the world. These dedicated men and women read tirelessly on our behalf, in our search through the rapidly expanding inventory of self-published books, to find those that are worth a reader’s time and money.

The number of authors seeking to be honored with the B.R.A.G.Medallion has grown so large, and so robust, that we have decided to close unsolicited nominations temporarily. This will allow us to ensure that the books on our reading list get the full attention they deserve.

We are proud of the fact that by the first anniversary of our launch on April 4, 2013, we will have honored our 100th book!

Congratulations to all our medallion-honored authors – we will continue to do all we can to bring attention to your wonderful work!

The indieBRAG Team

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3 responses to “A great shout out of thanks to all of our fans and friends!”

  1. Barbara Hacha says:

    Thank you on behalf of all of us who self-publish! I know your efforts are a labor of love–and nothing beats recommendations from people who love to read. I’m honored to be included in your B.R.A.G Medallion authors. I wish you many years of success!

  2. John Hickman says:

    As one of the first group of honorees, I must say I feel truly honored to have been selected. You have been wonderfully supportive of all your honorees. My very best wishes for a very Happy Anniversary!

  3. Malcolm Noble says:

    Congratulations. Not only have you raised the profile of worthy self published books but you have also brought together a friendly and helpful network of indie-authors.

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