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A Mermaid's Tale


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Genres Young Adult, Fantasy
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All things a mermaid shouldn’t feel or want. A mermaid is expected to be demure, to respect their betters and do what they are told. But most of all, mermaids should be seen and not heard.

Princess Moriah, a maiden of the sea, living under the cruel reign of her grandfather, King Abaddon, is expected to be the same. Beautiful, cold and voiceless, like a marble statue in her own home.

Only her father thought differently. Only Moriah’s father had ever asked her about her interests. He was the only one who ever gave her a choice until her visit to the human world. Like all mermaids, Moriah is required to undergo her rite of passage on her 16th birthday to visit the human world. It’s only when she meets the kind, gentle Michael that she questions the cruelty and coldness of her reality.

Longing for the freedom that she and her people have never known, she must risk everything to bring about the revolution she desires. If Moriah is caught, nothing will protect her from King Abaddon’s wrath, not even her father, who always obeyed her grandfather’s every order.

For her people. For her family. She will risk everything, do anything, to achieve her goals.

Freedom, like magic, always comes at a price, and she is willing to pay.

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