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Two Degrees

A Climate Change Novel


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Genres Thriller, Literary Fiction
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What happens to an oil industry lobbyist when climate change gets personal and deadly?

In a world where the devastating effects of climate change can seem inconsequential to the lives of the wealthy, Daniel Lazaro thrives as a powerful Washington lawyer lobbying for the fossil fuel industry. With a dream life on the Guadalupe River, a loving wife and a young daughter, Daniel is blind to the repercussions of his work. But when a flash flood in the Texas Hill Country sweeps away his home and his family, Daniel is left shattered and haunted by even the sight of water.

Daniel descends into a bleak abyss, burdened by guilt and his debilitating phobia. But a charismatic activist appears and tries to convince Daniel to use his political access to challenge the industry he once championed. Daniel is torn between personal grief and his urgent need to make amends. Will he redeem himself or stand aside as the world plunges toward chaos?

In Two Degrees, a gripping tale of greed, redemption and the fight for a dying planet, award-winning author William Michael Ried puts Dan Lazaro at the intersection of power politics and climate change, where a collision is in escapable.

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