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The Saving of Verano


Genres Science Fiction, Romance
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In the 27th century, a group of college students from a renewed Earth that has narrowly survived climate catastrophe, are mountain biking and camping on Mars when they unexpectedly solve the mystery of faster-than-light space travel. They set out to explore on the Mariposa, a borrowed ship fitted with the newly discovered dark matter drive. The crew travels 700 light-years from home to KOI 572.02, a planet chosen for its probable habitability. Upon arrival, they name it “Verano,” a beautiful planet populated by a not-so alien race struggling for survival—a familiar theme for the Earth humans. Along with saving lives through medical advancements, the college students also become embroiled in a centuries-old galactic power struggle between opposing alien civilizations with the fate of both Verano and Earth to be decided by the outcome.

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