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The Ego Cluster

They found the genes that define us all


Website(s) https://www.robertcole.com.au 
Genres Science Fiction, Thriller
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In a future world strafed with economic inequality, religious wars and climate extremes scientists discover a gene cluster that appears to govern the human ego. By suppressing these genes much of the ego-driven nature of the human decision process could be converted to a more empathetic, logical and considered approach, devoid of racial, religious or economic bigotry. Visionary scientists Ethan Hendersen and Amelia Holt form both a romantic partnership and a working one in which their characters will be tested to the limit when they are employed by a mysterious cartel headed by antagonist Stefano Croce to develop a treatment to eliminate the human ego. Professional colleagues Dr Doug Ashton and Professor Caleb Fuller are also swept up in the action as the real potential of the ego cluster gene therapy is revealed. This is a story of an epic battle between scientific progress and its potential to change the human mind and the entrenched mind-set of the established elite.

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