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Broken Portal in Rocky Mountain Park

The Last Pandemic


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Genres Science Fiction, Historical Fiction
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1877–a smear of blood. Mutating bacteria. 2017–unrelenting plague. The Last Pandemic. The world’s worst nightmare, a disease without a cure–a mutated version of Rocky Mountain spotted fever with an 80% death rate. Can a time traveler change history by destroying the disease at its inception? It’s a gamble, but worth a try. Venturing into a stone portal, Sophie Anderson travels through time arriving 140 years in the past. She meets Colorado characters: Isabella Bird, a writer; One-Eyed Rocky Mountain Jim, a trapper; the Earl of Dunraven, a wealthy Welsh-Irishman; Albert Bierstadt, an American artist. Some will help, others will try to kill her. Sophie’s greatest challenge: destroy the bacteria before it annihilates humanity. Her greatest fear: condemned to a life in the past–unable to return home.

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