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Like to Die


Genres Paranormal
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VIVIENNE “VIE” HARPER IS A GRADUATE STUDENT WHO studies psychology and works as a case manager at a domestic violence agency by day and serves drinks and sass to club-heads by night. She has bills to pay, and she has no time for male-patterned nonsense.

When Vie’s best friend Carly decides to play matchmaker, she certainly doesn’t foresee the complications in store with Luke, the strikingly handsome young man she sets her sights on.

After the women rescue Luke from a beating, they learn he’s a vampire whose life has been in danger since he fell out of favor with his maker.

Vie and Carly offer to help Luke, but this decision leaves them vulnerable to the violence and terror of a frightening underworld. Will they be able to outwit their enemies, or will they fall victim to the powerful vampires who seek to end the life of their new friend?

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