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Within Black Eternity


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Twelve years following a cataclysmic event that ripped apart the state of South Australia, the Triplow family has finally found peace. Settling down in Corona, California, has ensured that the past horrors and madness of Hastings remain relegated to another time, another place.

On the morning of September 7th, 2022, that false perception is shattered when Bob Triplow is compelled to take his son on a journey back into his past, and the horrors of his childhood. A place well beyond Hastings… well beyond South Australia… a place, truly out of this world, where Bob will learn that past events always find a way of catching up.

In a final confrontation, Bob Triplow will struggle for his own sanity, while his son, a mere child of ten, will be compelled to make decisions upon which six billion lives depend.

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