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Surgeon In the Raw

A Memoir


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Surgeon in the Raw is a no holds barred account of my life. The central narrative revolves around my experiences at medical school in the late 1960s, my surgical training as it was then, my Army career and my involvements in the Falklands War, Northern Ireland and the former Yugoslavia, followed by peacetime practice in Wales, UK. It is written for those who are either medical or non-medical with an interest, but I do stray into other areas to lessen the effect of some of the situations I found myself in. It is raw in that I do not shy away from the bloody consequences of warfare and I also describe a disastrous previous marriage and divorce and the effects this had on me and my wife and co-author Nicola. The memoir is profusely illustrated and I hope that the anecdotes I recount give readers pause for thought.

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