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Revealing May


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Genres Mystery
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Gracie Wentworth reluctantly goes undercover as a reporter at the prestigious boutique winery Somerset Hills to find out who is framing the owner for murder. Elliot Somerset, owner, husband, and person of interest, is fonder of drinking bourbon than his own product. May Somerset, Elliot’s wife, alluring, and fragile, copes with a past that now threatens her family’s future. The bodies are piling up and disappearing without a trace. Is Somerset Hills fermenting more than a perfect Cabernet? Pull out the correct glassware, clear your palate, push the screw-top bottles aside, and with a sommelier’s corkscrew, open your favorite bottle of wine. Pour, swirl and sniff. Take a sip and join Gracie as she risks her limbs and hair on the way to Revealing May.

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