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A Cold Copper Moon


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Illustrator Dee Tenorio
Genres Mystery
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No parent wants to lose a child. No parent wants to outlive her child. And when that happens, well, it’s like getting hit by lightning on a perfect day, a sunny day. And that’s what happened to Cooper and his wife, Jillie. On a normal day in early fall, in front of their house, in a small Ohio city, on one of those perfect days, the sun out in full dress, not hiding behind clouds. Maxie playing in his front yard, his mom in the house, his dad teaching at the college–just steps away–and the boy chases a ball into the street. And only one person claimed to have seen him–a man whom the town considered touched in the head–and he said he saw Maxie get into the back of a black limousine with a stranger and “That’s the last I saw of him, I swear,” he said.
“The Cooper Series” begins with the kidnapping of Cooper’s seven-year-old son. That single devastating incident changes Cooper’s life forever. He quits his job teaching philosophy at a small Ohio college and goes to Miami to follow a clue about his son’s disappearance. There he joins the Miami PD, eventually becoming a homicide detective, hoping, of course, to have more time to look for his son.
Seven years later, Cooper is still looking. Frustrated with his failure to find Maxie he quits the force and opens his own private investigation firm, one that focuses on finding missing persons, and hopefully his own son.
The books follow the seasons. The setting for “Cooper’s Moon” is early fall, ending with Halloween; “Blood Moon Rising” in late fall/early winter. “A Cold Copper Moon” falls during the time of the winter moon. And under that moon, the Cold Copper Moon, the mystery of Maxie’s disappearance is finally resolved.

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