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The Midnight Manor


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Genres Middle Grade, Paranormal
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When a mysterious fog ruins your overnight driving plans, you and your mum are forced to take refuge at a run down, spider-web filled, in need of a good clean, creepy, old manor – The Midnight Manor.

With more forks in the road than a chef’s cutlery drawer and enough twists to make you woozy, the Midnight Manor will test the limits of your bravery (and gag reflex). Will you watch your mum turn into a decaying, walking corpse before your very eyes? Or will you, yourself, become prey to a night howler with ‘hanger’ issues.

Though there is a way out where both you and your mum retain all of your limbs and unravel the mystery, the chances of you finding it are slim. Then again, stranger things have happened along this twisted trail.

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