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Little Wade and Watchtower: Abigail and the Great Gang Trap


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Genres Paranormal
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“There’s a legend for children who are sad and who cry,
about a little boy ghost, dressed in black, who can fly,
about a big, metal giant who can stand sky high.
They will always help you and they will never lie.
They’ll show you that, even in your darkest hour,
deep inside you lies incredible power.
They are Little Wade and Watchtower!”

New York, 1899.

Abigail Reid just wants to go to school and get an education.
A poor farm girl who only recently moved to New York from the country, she quickly learns that the city can be a very dangerous place. Her mother recently passed away from fever. Her father works three jobs to support them.
The Longshadows, the ruthless gangsters that control her neighborhood, have her surrounded, but just when Abigail thinks she is all alone, she meets the legendary LITTLE WADE AND WATCHTOWER!
With their help, Abigail will discover that she is far braver and more capable than she ever imagined, and that New York City can be a wonderful place. Together, they plan to set The Great Gang Trap and rid her neighborhood of the Longshadows once and for all!
Unfortunately, the Longshadows are not the only threat in New York.

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