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When Fish Dream


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Twenty some-odd years earlier Kyle Gunther left the small Texas town of Grenhart the town hero, the secret crush of many a young girl and a few older ones too, the idol of young boys, the object of vicarious fantasies of older men, and carrying the expectations and hopes of the entire town. He returns in the middle of the night, driving a filthy beat-up and broken ancient station wagon, knocking and smoking, stuffed with all he owns, including his paintings, the only thing that has sustained him these last decades. Arriving too late for the funerals of his last living relatives, he is even more broken and beat than the station wagon he drives and bears little resemblance to the boy who left. Finally in the home of his youth he is faced with rebuilding his life, overcoming the voices in his head, and getting beyond the day – no, the minute in his life so long ago as to be past memory, past any hint of recall, the minute that altered the course of his entire life.

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