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The Windy City Terror

A Griffin Knight Horror Mystery


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Genres Horror, Mystery
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The Windy City Terror is a heart-pounding ride through the urban labyrinth of Chicago. What awaits the Knight Chasers in its seedy underground? Find out NOW!

Griffin Knight and his brother Alister and hacker companion Ashe establish the Knight Chasers investigation agency. Together, they face their most challenging case yet: the perplexing death of Barney Ragsdill’s wife, Zoe.
As bodies pile up, DNA evidence points to a killer unlike anything Griffin has encountered before — one that leads them down a treacherous path. Navigating the shadowy realms of both his demons and the unexplained, Griffin must focus on bringing the truth to light.

The Windy City Terror delivers a gripping fusion of horror, mystery, and unrelenting suspense as Griffin battles malevolence for the salvation of all.

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