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Illustrator Konn Lavery
Genres Horror
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From the award-winning author Konn Lavery comes a gritty new tale of angst and survival.
Seth is ready for the greatest rave of 1999, which lands on the ten-year anniversary of his cousin Floyd’s brutal crime. Prince George is a small town. Cursed by proxy, love, and desire, Seth needs this night as an escape.
But his hopes of sweet release wither as he and his friends witness an unexplainable murder, carelessly getting their DNA on the scene. The RCMP are going to love them! They’ll completely believe that these drugged-out kids saw a horned man-beast decapitating people—right?
The head-chopper closes in as the authorities connect the dots. Oh, and Floyd shows up, sharing the truth about his dark, unsettling past. In just over twenty-four hours of drugs, bloodshed, and lust, the four kids are in for a rave of a lifetime.

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