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War of the Sparrows


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The guns of World War II have been silent for years, but for veteran Frank Miller, there is no peace.

It’s been a decade since the horrors of Tobruk—the siege that made Frank a celebrated war hero. But, like so many veterans, he is a broken man. Witness to unimaginable atrocities, Frank is emotionally paralysed, tortured by guilt, and unable to connect with a daughter desperate to fix him.

Now, on the night of the Rats of Tobruk ten-year reunion, his darkest secrets are going to be uncovered. With a daughter as curious as Francesca, he was never going to keep them concealed forever-it was only a matter of time before she found the key to his hidden attic.

As his past races to catch up with his present, Frank plots a final mission: a night raid just like the ones he undertook in the deserts of Northern Africa. This time, his target is not the Germans but a killer at large. A brute of a man responsible for the deaths of children, and, in Frank’s mind, the key to his redemption.

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