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The Road Not Travelled

Alternative Tales of the Wars of the Roses


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Illustrator Riikka Nikko
Genres Historical Fiction, Fantasy
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Life is made up of choices and which road we choose to take may be a pivotal decision that affects our whole life and others’ lives too. We often wonder ‘What if…?’ when we think about our past and about history. This collection of short stories from over twenty talented authors explores some of the ‘What ifs’ associated with the Wars of the Roses. How would history have changed if one of the roads not travelled had been chosen instead? This anthology explores some of these roads and includes most of the famous figures of the Wars of the Roses – Edward IV, Elizabeth Woodville, Warwick the Kingmaker, Anne Neville, George of Clarence, Francis Lovell and, of course, Richard III to name just a few.
Twenty talented authors have donated their time and skill to contribute to this book which is sold in support of the Scoliosis Association UK (SAUK)

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