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Empress Theodora: The Last Autumn

The Doctor Alexander Diaries, Part One


Genres Historical Fiction
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When the young Alexander is offered the post of Palace Pharmacist at the Imperial Court of Emperor Justinian 1 and Empress Theodora, it’s the chance of a lifetime. But when Theodora succumbs to infection following surgery for breast cancer, Alexander blames himself. His confidence shattered, he leaves Constantinople and travels the Roman Empire, gaining over the years glimpses into the life of the enigmatic Empress. Finally, in Prusa to care for Sister Proseria, Alexander finds the startling answer to his burdensome question: was he responsible for Theodora’s death?
The Last Autumn is a singular record of Theodora’s struggle for her soul against the relentless intrigues of life at the heart of the Roman Empire, and reveals hitherto unknown aspects of the life of one of history’s most remarkable women.

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