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Master of Music

The Bardic Isles Series: Book One


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Genres Fantasy
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What if you were the first person in over 200 years to be born with an incredible gift for music, one you were convinced was more of a curse than a gift? Believing his music responsible for a terrible, unforgiveable act when he was only seven, Kaelin allows himself to play his homemade flute only in the woods, where no one can hear. Where no one can be hurt. Four years later, a Master Bard hears flute music in the woods of a mountain village and enters it the next morning, intent on finding its composer.

“Master of Music” is the first novel in a historical fantasy series set in the Bardic Isles, the land the Bards of Ireland fled to when driven out by the Druids. It follows Kaelin, now a village boy of eleven whose suppressed gift of music causes him intense pain, and the Master Bard who can free it. Dare the youngster follow him? And if his gift is freed, will he be able to live with the consequences?

Unique in the fantasy genre, you will find no dragons, magical beings, or spells within these pages. This is purely character-driven storytelling, and the only thing that places it in the world of fantasy is the incredible power of music itself. With strong themes of mentoring and found family, this is a tale that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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