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Doorway to Deephollow


Genres Fantasy
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Fourteen-year-old Gracie Harrold trudges through her days at Westside Middle School, fed up with the drama that goes on there and forever battling the heartache since her older brother, Ethan, went missing a few years earlier—a reality that never seems to elude her heart and soul. Days are long and sometimes hard. Then one day she opens her locker and sees something that turns her world upside down.

A brilliant looking girl stares at Gracie from the back of her locker. In one moment, her ordinary life takes a flip and becomes anything but ordinary. Anwen is an Alderite, and she’s just as stunned to see Gracie as Gracie is to see her. On a spur-of-the-moment impulse, Gracie ventures into her locker and steps through to Anwen’s world, Deephollow. There, she finds herself in a spectacular place called Aldermarsh Pond that is filled with fairies, magical creatures, and gorgeous Alderite boys she can’t shake out of her mind.

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