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Burdens of Blood

Legend of the Dawn Child Book One


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Genres Fantasy
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In a world where gods have been imprisoned for millennia, and danger lurks around every corner, Starlyn DeTousan’s life takes an extraordinary turn. Raised as an outcast on a tranquil farmstead, she’s summoned before The Elders, ancient deities bound by a curse. With a Guardian by her side, she embarks on a perilous journey through lands teeming with vampires, demons, and ruthless bandits, all in pursuit of a destiny she never asked for.

But the path to salvation is fraught with peril. A relentless Mistress from the North dispatches her fearsome pack of Night Runners, a breed of werewolves like no other, to thwart Starlyn’s quest. Along the way, Starlyn unlocks mysterious powers she struggles to control, seeking an unlikely ally to guide her.

As time ticks away, a desperate race unfolds. Can Starlyn defy the Mistress and her Night Runners to reach The Elders in time? Failure could spell the end of an ancient era. Yet, in a world shrouded in secrets, nothing is as it seems.

Prepare for a pulse-pounding, must-read epic where destiny collides with danger, and the destiny of The Elders hinges on Starlyn’s strength and cunning. Magic, secrets, and courage intertwine in a tale that will keep your heart racing until the very last page…

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