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The Ona Pendulum – The Adventures of Fawn

The Adventuress of Fawn


Website(s) The Adventures of Fawn 
Book Series The Adventures of Fawn
Genres Children's
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Excitement, surprise and danger await Fawn and her friends in“The Ona Pendulum”, the award-winning second book in ‘The Adventures of Fawn’. This exciting second adventure takes up where Book 1, ‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls, left off.
Fawn and her friends, Snowboy, Bunny and Terry can’t catch a break as they rush to try and stop an evil former elf princess from destroying the Ona Pendulum, the device that keeps Santa, Wajic, the elves and all of the reindeer alive, even though they are 300 years old. In the process, they’ll learn how a young Kristoff Kringle went from being a master toymaker to becoming the leader of hundreds of elves…and Santa Claus!

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