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The Cat with the Crooked Tail

A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story for Young Movers


Website(s) Once Upon a Dance 
Illustrator Olha Tkachenko
Genres Children's
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Miss Merida Brown thinks her tail hinders her abilities, but with help from a friend, she proves herself wrong. This delightful story of persistence and self-acceptance highlights the value of practice, friendship, and a good attitude.

Ballerina Konora joins each page with ideas to get kids moving. Three books in one: readers can enjoy the story, act out the tale in their own way, or follow Konora’s suggested moves, designed by an award-winning ballet teacher to improve body coordination and teach dance fundamentals.

“[T]eaches children to step out of their comfort zone and try new things, be confident in themselves and understand that practice makes perfect.” —Reedsy

“[A]n excellent addition to movement curricula for preschool and elementary school-aged children.” —Mary Lanni, Librarian Reviewer

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